Are there any copyright restrictions to the use of texts, photos and graphics from Isaaward.org?

This website and all its contents, including text, images, diagrams, and audio-visual materials, are subject to copyright and may not be used, copied, reprinted, without a written permission from Isa Award.

Are there any plans to present Isaaward.org in other languages?

The website is currently in Arabic and English, French language is proposed and will be available in due course.

When will the call for entries begin?

The call for entries started on June 2015 till March 2016.

When will the nominees be announced?

Isa Award decided not to announce the nominees list.

When will the Laureate be announced?

The end of first quarter 2017.

What is the timeframe for the award cycle?

The award is granted every two years.

Where can I find a list of past Laureate?

You may find a list of past Laureate in Isa Award website under Isa Award Laureate. Since this is the first session of the Award, currently there are no past Laureate.

Do you charge a submission fee?

No submission fees are charged.

Who typically submits their application and what type of individuals / organizations are eligible?

Any individual or organization demonstrate a commitment and dedication in the service of humanity, anywhere in the world qualify for the award, including scientists, researchers, educators and business leaders of social, environmental and public figures, as well as universities, institutions and research centers, scientific, cultural, literary and others who provide humanitarian services great and influential, and the fact that the award is not politicized; political organizations, associations or trade unions do not qualify for the Award.

Can I nominate myself / organization in multiple categories?

No, since Isa Award is only one award each session for all humanity services categories, you may list all your achievements in all the categories which could increases your odds of winning but enter one time each session.

What if I change my mind and want to withdraw my site submission?

You may withdraw your submission by writing to the Secretary General.

How will I know you received my submission?

We will display a confirmation page after submission that you may print for your records. We will also send you an email confirmation after we receive your submission by e-mail. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of submission, please email The Isa Award at support `{`at`}` info@www.isaaward.org.

Can I change my contact info and other submission info?

At any time after submitting your info, you may update entry information by contacting The Isa Award support `{`at`}` info@www.isaaward.org.

Who are the judges?

The judging committee is confidential.

How does the judging work? Or What is the judging process used when selecting nominees?

The members of the judging Committee in coordination with the arbitrators to preview the completed and make sure of its importance and impact, and is done through coordination with non-governmental organizations and public figures to request more information in all fields.

Can I review the judges comments and ratings for my submission?

The judges comments and ratings are confidential and cannot be published or reviewed.

Does The Isa Award staff pick the Laureate?

Our judges are leaders in their fields and independently select the Laureate. The Isa Award staff and do not select the nominees. The Isa Award staff also does not pick the Laureate or recommend Laureate to the judges - we leave the judging in their very capable hands.

How many nominees and Laureate are there each year?

Number of nominees is based on number of applications and the first short list contains 60 nominee but only one winner is selected at the final announcement stage.

Is there an event where the award is given out?

Yes, the Award ceremony is at the end of each Award session.

If I win, when will I receive my award?

The Laureate will receive one-of-a-kind gold medal and prize package at the award ceremony.