Award Criteria

Rules of Entry:

  1. The nomination forms must be submitted in either English or Arabic.
  2. The applicant shall not be less than 18 years of age.
  3. Only those applications that comply with the official nomination criteria shall be approved.
  4. The award will cover areas that include disaster prevention and relief, education, community service, dialogue among civilisations, human tolerance, international peace, urban development, environment and climate change, scientific innovation or poverty alleviation.
  5. The humanitarian project objective must be clearly defined.
  6. The details of the quality and quantity of the targeted category must be clearly outlined.
  7. The form must include the precise humanitarian impact of the project and its underlying benefits to society.
  8. Facing the challenges for the service of humanity must be outlined.
  9. The Secretariat shall notify the candidates in writing that their applications have been received.


Nature and Objectives of the Project:

  1. The project will have to be purely humanitarian in its scope, and its nature and objectives should be explained in clear details.
  2. The project will neither be political in nature nor be affiliated to any political party.
  3. The beneficiaries of the project will not be limited to any one country but expanded to include a broader geographical territory.
  4. The award applicant shall not receive financial support from any official or governmental authority but shall rely on the contributions from individuals and institutions.
  5. The application form must include the number of individuals linked with the project – employees, associates, board members and other stakeholders
  6. The application form must provide a detailed overview of the community’s relationship with the project.
  7. The form must include details about relations with other international organisations that are connected to the project.
  8. The form must provide full details about any other local, regional or international awards that the project has received or has been nominated.
  9. The form must provide information on how the project would be managed in the absence of the candidate for the award.


In applying the nomination criteria to the candidates, they would be grouped as individuals and institutions. The criteria applicable to each of the candidates shall be sorted accurately by correctly sorting, comparing the level of service performance, its varied dimensions, project output, its spread, diversity and humanitarian value. There will be a brief assessment of the award candidates that would include examining the performance of the individuals, relief centers and services projects, provided that there will be further research, audit and evaluation of the final short-listed candidates.

The judging committee will review the short-listed candidates and their requests, provide substantive merits on the differentiation between each of the candidates, explore the circumstances surrounding the selection process, and submit recommendations to the Secretariat and the Board of Trustees with their final decision.

After the study and evaluation of each individual candidate, the Committee shall come to a second assessment that would include three names. These names will be displayed with a distinctive sign of the candidate’s work, the judging committee will then complete its work and present its results to the Board of Trustees.


Field Visit:

The Board of Trustees will assign a group to undertake a field visit to the project site and conduct a personal interview with the potential applicant. The group will comprise members of the secretariat, advisers and other competent professionals with experience in diverse area.


The Laureate Official Announcement:

The final stage of the process would be to inform the laureate and make an official announcement.

The name of the Isa Award for Service to Humanity Laureate will be announced at a press conference in the presence of local, regional and international media.

The Isa Award for Service to Humanity will be presented to the laureate at a high profile event to be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain under the patronage of His Majesty the King of Bahrain. Numerous dignitaries, public figures and other distinguished personalities from Bahrain and outside will be invited for the event.
The laureate will receive a certificate of appreciation, a 21 K. Gold Medal and US$ 1,000,000 in recognition of their outstanding services to humanity.


The Secretariat of the Isa Award Committee invites all qualified candidates to submit their Nomination Forms within the specified time frame to the Award Secretariat by either e-mail, fax or registered mail:
Fax: + 973 17369693
Mailing address: P.O. Box No. 55550 – Adliya – Bahrain.