3rd Laureate

Hospital 57357

The 3rd laureate-2017

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt — popularly known as Hospital 57357 — is the ultimate example of what can be achieved when people work together for the common good.


The hospital is a unique institution. It was built by donations, and even today, continues to operate and to be sustained through donations.


With 320 beds, Hospital 57357 is the largest hospital of its kind in the world, and was modeled on St Jude’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, US. Hospital 57357 was established in 2007 with the goal of providing the best comprehensive family centered quality care and offering a chance for a cure to all children with cancer seeking its services and it would be provided to them —  free of charge and without any discrimination!

Presently, after 10 years of operations, the hospital is recording a 72 per cent average over-all survival rates. It is more than a hospital but stands as a leading example for healthcare, a change agent and a comprehensive institution for fighting childhood cancer.

In 2017, jury panel of “Isa Award for Service to Humanity” selected the Hospital 57357, for the Isa Award. Hospital 57357 is one of the true example of the Humanitarian projects and services and it deserved to be honoured for “Isa Award for Service to Humanity”.

Hospital 57357

To prepare the groundwork to actualise what would eventually become Hospital 57357’s vision, that is, to be a worldwide icon of change towards a cancer free childhood.