About Sh ISA

Remembering the Man Behind the Award


Shaikh Isa PhotosA wise leader, the late Emir Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa was the man behind the independence of Bahrain, a country of law and order. It is thanks to him that we have a constitution and democratic life. As a person who valued peace, co-operation and true friendship, he believed in Gulf unity and Arab solidarity even in the most difficult of times.


Sheikh Isa dedicated his life to the advancement of Bahrain. By investing in human and economic development and social welfare, he used the nation’s resources for the benefit of his people. He promoted education, took an interest in healthcare and social care, and ensured that women have political and civil rights. He transformed Bahrain into a state with a strong, diversified economy and a tolerant society in which people enjoy security and safety, living as one family and respecting human rights.


A deeply compassionate man with a heart full of love, kindness and loyalty, Sheikh Isa was generous and humble; he lives on in the hearts of his people in times of joy and of sorrow. He shared their aspirations and his great contributions to humanity and society inspire those who work for the benefit of humanity, regardless of race, colour or religion.


The Isa Award for Service to Humanity is a tribute to this outstanding leader. He will be remembered for his personality, tolerance and achievements, and for developing Bahrain.